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Our mission is to help businesses grow their brand, increase their market share, and be more profitable. We will accomplish this by giving our clients reputation management, social media marketing, and superior web presence.

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Reputation Management

Reputation management brings all of the factors that contribute to your business’s online presence in one place, so you can take control of your online reputation.

Build Your Reputation

Blue Zone’s reputation builder gives you the power to gather customer experiences, boost your scores, and shine in front of potential customers.

Social Media

Reach your users wherever they are. With Social Marketing, you can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business and Linkedin – all from one place. 

Review Response

You may not have time to monitor, manage and respond to all the reviews you receive online! Have us manage it for you! 


We’ll build you a stunning custom website that captivates visitors and leaves a lasting impression.

Start UP

Starting or rebranding a business can be challenging. Blue Zone Marketing has everything you need to get going. Turn key logo, branding, and website design, to name a few.

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Our Philosophy.

For Success

Blue Zone Marketing
The geographical locations are incredible and intriguing, but the philosophy behind them is what means the most. When Blue Zone founder Dan Buettner and the National Geographic researchers developed these ideas, they came up with 9 specific lifestyle habits called the Power 9®.

Studies show that only 20% of how long a person lives is genetic.

 The rest is lifestyle and environment. We’ve taken this truth and applied it to our lives and the lives of our own business with great success. It was time for us to share this method with the business world. It’s the heart of what we do. We can apply the Blue Zone 

Philosophy to increase the health and extend the life of your business. If we apply these 9 principles to a business, we create a Blue Zone – “sweet spot” of optimal branding, reputation, and services within your company.


We provide a variety of solutions from access to analytics to full service options that include never having to respond to a review again. 


The internet is a complicated crowded place.  Blue Zone Marketing has solutions that get you noticed and chosen. 


Having customers find you is only half the battle. Let us help you optimize your digital assets to convert those injuries in sales.

The Blue Zone Difference

Our Two Fold Approach Secures your Success

Software & Service

Service: We know that business owners wear many hats. Owners are so busy running the company, they often do not have the time to focus on online marketing. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We will get right under the hood and learn your business and customers so that we can effectively grow your brand.

Software: Build a better and stronger online presence. Our powerful software allows you to control your brand all in one, user-friendly platform.  What makes our platform so special is that we are constantly updating and adding.  Ensuring that your information is secure and relevant to today’s ever-changing digital landscape. 


What People Say


“Blue Zone Marketing, met with me developed a plan and now I have a fantastic system for obtaining and retaining new customers.”

Ashley Smith

“Blue Zone not only helped me build my company's reputation they, also set up all my social media sites. Thank You!.”

Travis Marcum

“I started with Blue Zone with no web presence at all. Within weeks I was visible and picking up new customers.”

Mark Smit
Company CEO

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