Dryer Ducks is a local small business that provides dryer and air duct cleaning in Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho. After a tough 2020, they approached Blue Zone Marketing for help with reputation management and growth, focusing on their 2021 goals.

Marketing Goals

  • Year Over Year Growth 2019 vs. 2021
  • Increase revenue enough to purchase additional vehicle, equipment & additional staff
  • Expand product offerings to include commercial sanitization

Blue Zone Strategies

Blue Zone Marketing strategized to increase market specific google ads, connect business listings through the Blue Zone Dashboard, and designed a new, SEO-optimized website.

After just 10 months of partnership, the Dryer Ducks was able to hire a new, full-time technician and purchase a 3rd vehicle for their fleet. They also increased their marketing budget to allow Blue Zone to manage more online ads, which has increased call volume by 40%.

After 12 Months with Blue Zone

Cost-Per-Click has decreased 48%

Calls up 179%

Number of reviews rose 68%

Overall online star rating (Google, Facebook, etc) rose from 4.9 to 5.0

Google Ad Traffic up 77%

Working with Blue Zone Marketing has been incredible. As soon as they gave us a new site and connected our business listings, it’s like we were suddenly discoverable online! Sure, we had a strong referral base after being in business for 7 years, but we wanted to expand our fleet, and we needed more business to do that. We weren’t easily visible online before Blue Zone, and we didn’t even know it! Now, we log into their dashboard daily to check reviews and ad analytics, and the numbers are always improving. The dashboard has also allowed us to post to social media more regularly. The best part is having a marketing team that feels like they are on staff with us. They really care!

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