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Shoot Your Shot

Look amazing online!

Your online presence should reflect your brand and culture. Video is the most effective way to communicate your culture to an online audience. 

Our media team gets to know your brand, plans a storyboard, writes a script, and captures all the right footage to tell your story.  Don’t worry – we make even the most camera-shy people look incredible!

Ask us how we can capture your company culture in a video today!

Brand Culture Videos

Brand Ethos Videos

Product Feature Videos

Website Banner Videos

Commercial Video Shoots

Cinema Grade Content Across All Media Offerings

We use cinema-grade camera equipment to create the highest-quality content available for our clients. Please inquire for more information on this offering.


Video performs 87% better than any other form of visual content online

People spend 6.8 hours watching online videos each week

Capture Your Culture

Brand Culture Video

A well-established local coffee chain was growing and hiring.  The goal was to showcase their culture to the community, and, ultimately, to their potential workforce.  We visited multiple locations to capture behind-the-scenes b-roll footage of baristas being themselves! The joy was contagious, and we communicated that to the online world.

The key to this project was helping the staff feel comfortable in their element despite the cameras. We think you’ll agree – we nailed it. Take a look for yourself!




Share Your Story

Brand Ethos Video

What makes your company unique?

What drives you in your business?

Why is this so important to you?

These are all questions that we will answer for your audience through your brand ethos video. A stunning mix of interview footage, B-Roll, voiceover, and behind-the-scenes footage combine to show the world what drives your brand and what sets you apart from your competition.




Sell Your Products

Product Feature Video

Particularly relevant for ecommerce brands, our product feature videos will highlight what makes your product unique.

Showcasing your product and it’s features on video is the optimal avenue for sales in the digital space. From studio stills, to tutorial films, we’ll share your brand in a way that makes your clients feel like they’re shopping in person.

Capture your website traffic

Website Banner Videos

Studies show that 81% of websites experienced an increase in time-on-site when a banner video was running.

We’ll produce a banner video that is custom-built for your website in order to engage visitors and keep them interested in your site while you tell your brand story.

Getting Noticed


We work with many local, small businesses that host venues or events requiring commercial-style video content.


For this commercial, we enlisted a local celebrity. (Works wonders for product launches, by the way!) From storyboard to script to the local news station – we planned this shoot from start to finish.  Three camera angles and four locations later, it’s one of our favorites!  #GoZags


When this seasonal ice rink opened in their inaugural season, we knew people would have to trust a product they’d never seen before.  So we made sure to plan a video shoot right away – capturing the magic of the rink in both the day and night.  Twinkling lights, hot cocoa, and a little drone footage made this concept an easy sell.  Just watch it. It’s basically a 30 second Hallmark movie!

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