Meet the Team

The Founders

Meet Dominic Longo, President

Dominic has helped large corporations like MGM Mirage and Bellagio manage their brand reputation strategy for nearly 20 years. A small business owner himself, he knew he could bring these skills to other small businesses and make a valuable difference in the lives of real people. That’s when he launched Blue Zone Marketing.

With a solid team and strong word-of-mouth referrals, the company grew to retain 30 long-term clients in the first 6 months. Each of those are still with us today. Helping these businesses grow their brand and easily manage their online reputation is Dominic’s passion. Well…that and football! After playing wide receiver in high school and college (with some College Football Hall of Fame records to brag about!), Dominic’s aches and pains have forced him into early retirement from the sport that he loves. (That hasn’t stopped him from competing in other ways, though!)

Dominic Longo loves to win. These days, winning means keeping his clients happy in a long-term partnership that helps each other succeed. His grit, character, and general likeability makes this a natural expression of his talents. When he’s not busy growing businesses, Dominic enjoys spending time with (and competing against!) his wife and 5 children in literally any game whatsoever. And yes, he’s probably going to win.

Meet Melissa McKnight, VP of Sales & Client Success

Melissa is a powerhouse in more ways than one. With 20 years of branding experience for big-name hospitality companies, she made corporate America millions before leaving it all behind to work for YOU instead! She now uses her decades-honed skillset to drive growth for businesses she believes in and the Kingdom she serves. Melissa is a through and through evangelist, and the only thing she works harder at than iconic online branding is boldly sharing the Gospel with everyone she meets. She credits her success (and seemingly endless energy) to her daily citrus zip-fizz, but we all know it’s just her mad marketing skills being put to work! When she’s not helping clients dominate their online reputation, she can usually be found spending quality time with her husband of 20+ years, their 3 beautiful daughters, and their adorable grandchildren.

Meet Tiffany Longo, VP of Creative

Tiffany is a veteran copywriter with a strong communications background. She began her journalism career in high school, writing for a local Italian-American newspaper, at which she earned her own column and contributed content for another 10 years. With extensive freelancing experience in both journalistic and creative writing, the creative department at Blue Zone Marketing was Tiffany’s natural habitat. By ensuring that all the content Blue Zone creates is captivating and on-brand, Tiffany makes marketing great again on the daily.

When Tiffany isn’t tied up in a voracious verbal venture, she can be found affectionately correcting her children’s grammar, (they love it!) proofreading, or enjoying french fries with a vanilla shake. Scrabble games and word searches are her jam. Above all, Tiffany enjoys relaxing at the lake with her husband, Dominic (yes, that Dominic), and their five amazing children.

Meet Kenny Dodge, VP of Digital Marketing

With a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, Kenny has worked to grow and market small businesses for nearly a decade. He has extensive knowledge in the ecommerce marketing space, digital ad analytics, gourmet popcorn, and whiskey. He’s known for putting 110% effort toward his clients’ goals, which has rightfully earned him the nickname, “Mr. Fancy Pants” around the office. (Despite what he may tell people, he thoroughly enjoys being called by that name.) And while his pants are generally less than fancy, his unique experience and creativity tops the charts!

At Blue Zone, Kenny specializes in business development and digital ad management for our clients. Kenny stays motivated by the fact that he only measures his own success by that of his clients. (For the record, he’s hitting it out of the park!) Our clients love him! So does his adorable wife, Katherine, and their two sons. When Mr. Fancy Pants isn’t busy working, he can usually be found with his family on the shores of lake Coeur d’Alene, likely cradling a glass of Lagavulin 16 year. Neat.

The Managers

Christine Brown

Meet Camilla Kramer, Client Success Manager

You haven’t met a people person until you’ve met Camilla Kramer. Having worked in the service industry for 5 years, Camilla is a professional people-helper. In her most recent role she spent her days connecting international companies for events and conferences. Today, she uses her mad organizational and networking skills to connect Blue Zone clients with their target audience. With a BA in Hospitality Management, it’s no wonder she brings her welcoming smile to the office each day. When she’s not at work, she’s surely line dancing to a Cody Johnson song or serving in YoungLife of North Idaho.

Christine Brown

Meet Perris Richey, Creative Director

Perris is a true Renaissance Woman. She doesn’t just curate art, she creates it! As a Social Media Coordinator for Blue Zone, her creativity (and her affinity for rock climbing) has her rising above the competition both figuratively and literally. A staunch lover of all things Web3, Perris founded and sold an NFT company before she even reached legal drinking age! On her days off, Perris is likely busy wakeboarding, snowboarding, or climbing some mountain in the Pacific Northwest.

Christine Brown

Meet Ashley Howard, Media Director


Meet Abigail Bradeen, Communications Manager

If Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austen had a baby, it would be Abigail Bradeen. Abigail loves writing poetry, but also has BA’s in Criminal Justice & Sociology – a unique combination of interests making her the ideal candidate for a Creative Behavioral Detective. (Unfortunately, we weren’t hiring for that position.) And since we’ve yet to have any real criminal activity at the Blue Zone office, Abigail spends her days crafting digital ad copy, email & SMS campaigns, press releases, and technical white papers.

With a passion for communication that rivals Johannes Gutenberg, Abigail skillfully shares our clients’ brand voice with the online world each day. Outside of that, she’s just a genuinely caring, watercolor-painting, preschool ministry-leading Web3 enthusiast who loves her family more than even her broad vocabulary of words can say.

The Team

Christine Brown

Meet Meet Aaron Polk, Graphic Designer

As Blue Zone’s premier graphic designer, Aaron’s artwork makes the Mona Lisa jealous. Born and raised in North Carolina, Aaron has nearly two decades of graphic design experience. The only thing he loves more than design is a pair of old-school Vans shoes. (Pat D’Angelo has met his match!) When he’s not busy wielding the crop and lasso buttons in the Adobe suite, he’s likely hiking and exploring with his wife and two children.

Christine Brown

Meet Micky Fritzsche, Media Manager

The only thing Micky plays better than the drums is a 6k RED Komodo. Working behind the lens since he was 18, Micky is obsessed with capturing the perfect lighting in all of his shots. And he captures more than just lighting for the many video projects Blue Zone produces each week. From reels to headshots to brand commercials, Micky’s camera work is smoother than Michael Jordan’s freethrow line dunk shot in ‘88. (Yeah, it’s that smooth.)
An avid lover of the outdoors, Micky spends his free time swimming, hiking, snowboarding, hanging out with his wife, or traveling the world.

Christine Brown

Meet Josiah McIntosh, Media Manager

Josiah McIntosh is as valuable behind the camera as he is in a dark alley. Thanks to his mad jiu-jitsu skills, the entire Blue Zone team feels safer just standing next to him. But his skills on the mats are no match for his photo and video artistry. Whether he’s capturing product, portrait, or lifestyle shots he tells the story with more edginess than a $3,000 Sakai Takayuki Chef’s Knife. When he’s not putting his opponents to sleep on the mats, he’s likely playing guitar, camping, or traveling the world capturing its beauty on camera.

Christine Brown

Meet Dyson Scott, Creative Manager

Meet Dyson Scott, our killer Creative Manager. Dyson juggles this role with the same grace and prowess as Clark Kent, and he’s even got the glasses to match. But it’s no mystery why he’s so super, considering he comes from a dynasty of talented graphic designers and artists. 

Blue Zone isn’t the only place Dyson wears more than one hat, considering he daylights as an artist and moonlights as a jock. Don’t try to put him in a box, people. From baseball and football to shooting, golfing, and hiking – the only thing this Jack of all trades hasn’t done is tried an avocado.  Like, ever. Do you think it’s his kryptonite?


We’re beyond excited to have Dyson on board – it feels like he filled a vacuum we didn’t know we had (get it?). Stop by to meet this adventurous artiste and the rest of the team!

Christine Brown

Meet Gabriella Longo, Account Manager

As the youngest employee at Blue Zone, Gabriella’s smile is as bright as her future. She brings a fresh creative energy to the social media team, where she manages accounts with more finesse than a Ferrari F40. (She is Italian, after all). When she’s not knee deep in marketing, Gabriella stays busy playing tennis, perfecting her fashion sense, and eating Penne a la Vodka.

Christine Brown

Meet Pat D'Angelo, Account Manager

After being signed to Sony in a boy band and touring for years, Pat is no stranger to creativity. His ability to build content for an audience now helps Blue Zone clients grow their digital reach faster than you can say NSYNC. Around the office, Pat has built a solid reputation for researching and studying the latest industry trends and wearing the coolest shoes. Seriously, check out his feet next time you see him. Because if you haven’t spotted Pat D’Angelo playing live music in downtown Coeur d’Alene, do you even live here?

Christine Brown

Meet Morgan Dixon, Digital Marketing Specialist

Before his teenage years were over, Morgan started 3 companies (two of which he was the CEO of), one nonprofit, ran for office, and won the Kootenai County Young Professionals 30 Under 30 Award – twice. Still not impressed? Perhaps you haven’t seen his Star Wars footie pajamas. With or without them, Morgan is a self-proclaimed digital ninja, who brings his youthful energy and fresh business experience to the Blue Zone Team. When he’s not deep. machine learning, Morgan stays busy thinking about building websites and artificial intelligence.

Christine Brown

Meet Anne Hayes, Copywriter

Some people are born to write. Anne is one of those people. After careers in hi-tech product marketing, as an attorney, in social media, and being a homeschool mom, Anne discovered an appetite for learning new things and writing about them! Her favorite part about her job is diving deep into the wide variety of products and services that our amazing clients are offering. Never outdone in her industry research, Anne’s job is to make sure our client’s blog content is informative, clear, captivating, and accurate. When she’s not eloquently authoring literary masterpieces, she stays plenty busy being a loving wife and mom-of-the-year to her four children.

Christine Brown

Meet Josh Miller, Account Manager

Meet Josh, one of our talented Social Media Gurus! This fourth-year Entrepreneurial Studies major at GCU is a master of the hustle. Whether he’s on the court hooping, dominating in NBA2k, or crushing the social media game, Josh’s skills are as smooth as butter. With an impressive collection of over 60 pairs, Josh is a certified shoe connoisseur. In fact, he ran a 5-figure shoe reselling business in high school, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit from an early age. Think he can’t get any cooler? Josh is also a certified pizza reviewer — the best gig around aside from being part of the BZ Team. Get ready to level up your brand game with the one and only Josh as he works his magic with posts as slick as his sneaks!

Christine Brown

Meet Noelle McEachran, Copywriter

Noelle is known as a Punctuation Prodigy around the world – well, around the Blue Zone office, anyway. Halfway through her MFA in Creative Writing, Noelle spends nearly all her spare time as a creative blogger and fiction writer. As a Blue Zone copywriter, Noelle tells tales and shares stories about companies, their mission, and their services. A self-proclaimed introvert, Noelle enjoys spending her free time outside (unless it’s cold!) and with her husband and five children.

Christine Brown

Meet Taylor Haas, Digital Marketing Specialist

Introducing Taylor Haas,  our website wizard and marketing extraordinaire. This Cali girl was born and raised in Orange County, but her skill set has Silicon Valley written all over it. She spent 5 years making the big bucks for a luxury resort in Palm Springs before moving to North Idaho in 2021 and transitioning into tech marketing. 

Don’t get the wrong idea, Taylor can play just as hard as she works – from hitting the links and shredding the slopes to whipping up some fuego Mexican dishes  – this girl can do it all. In addition to her diverse hobby portfolio, Taylor is currently building a travel blog website to document her love of food, globe trotting, and wine – yes, please! 

With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a passion for blending creativity and technical finesse, she is Taylor-made to weave digital magic at Blue Zone and take our team to new heights.

Christine Brown

Meet Cyrah McKnight, Account Manager

Say hello to Cyrah, the social media extraordinaire at Blue Zone. Her first tryst with creative fame was her 5th-grade talent show, where she dazzled the crowd with an unforgettable rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Now, she’s all grown up and still rocking the creative scene, curating content that turns followers into fans with every scroll!

Cyrah not only loves to have fun, she loves animals, mission trips, and the color pink. Rumor has it, even flamingos take fashion advice from her. When she’s not busy taming hashtags or wielding creative captions, Cyrah’s likely spending time with family or planning her next trip to Africa.

Christine Brown

Meet Juliette Poignand du Fontenioux, Account Manager

Meet Juliette Poignand du Fontenioux, Account Manager at Blue Zone. With a last name longer than a French baguette, Juliette’s foreign roots have given her the travel bug. Her bucket list is 190 countries long, and she’s already crossed off six of them!


Juliette’s adventurous spirit drives her creativity in all things. Whether she’s dancing, singing or managing client accounts and influencer marketing at BZ HQ – Juliette is an aesthetic visionary. 


Even her coffee drinks are works of art! When she’s not creating marketing masterpieces, you’ll likely catch her creating new coffee concoctions, making every sip as adventurous as next year’s travel plans!

Christine Brown

Meet Hagan Robb, Media Manager

With almost two decades of editing mastery, Hagan slices through hours of footage faster than a Jedi with a double-bladed lightsaber. He has a daughter born on Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), a celestial coincidence since Hagan’s Star Wars obsession rivals only that of a Jedi’s dedication to the Force.Besides his exceptional editing skills, Hagan boasts a 22 second record for solving a Rubik’s Cube. The force is obviously with him.When he’s not editing footage, Hagan’s either spending time with family, carving a PNW mountain, or directing worship at Compel Church in Coeur d’Alene.

Christine Brown

Meet Zane Moore, Sales Manager

Zane is more than a magnetic sales guy. He’s a globe-trotting, wave-conquering wanderer! Since he was knee-high to a surfboard, Zane has traveled the world, conquering some of the planet’s most epic surf spots. He even started his own clothing brand at age 17, and has been to 12 different countries on overseas missions! 


Luckily for Blue Zone, Zane has settled in North Idaho, where he can be closer to family while growing his career in an industry he knows well. Having sales experience in both the fashion and tech spaces, Zane loves creativity as much as he loves people. Whatever Zane does – whether it’s building relationships or tearing up the dance floor – Zane gives it his all. Just turn up some vintage Michael Jackson and he’ll prove it.

Christine Brown

Meet Josh Chumley, Client Success Area Director

With a flair for forging partnerships that sizzle, Josh doesn’t just bring the heat – he’s practically a walking heatwave! Raised in sunny Florida, Josh now calls Arizona home, where he leads Blue Zone’s Sales efforts as Client Success Area Director.

Josh’s experience accelerating growth for profit and non-profit organizations make him Blue Zone’s secret sauce. We call him the Sriracha of Sales!

By day, Josh slays corporate dragons, but by night, he moonlights as the background actor extraordinaire. He’s graced the sets of The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul – truly the Zelig of the small screen. Oh, and did we mention he’s a cowboy-boot-wearing elk-hunter in his spare time? Move over, John Wayne!


But Josh’s biggest claim to fame is his family. He loves spending time with his four children and ministering alongside his wife, who we all know is the real star of the show!

Christine Brown

Meet Gracie Wohl, Reputation Management Intern

Meet Gracie Wohl, our bubbly marketing intern who takes the term “beautiful inside and out” to another level. A TikTok enthusiast, Gracie is one of Blue Zone’s secret weapons, using her mastery of the social media realm to make sure we stay up with the latest. When Gracie is not completely dominating her internship, you’ll find her adventuring outdoors or cheering on her favorite baseball team. 

Gracie brings a passion for life to everything she does, from her desire to help others to her love of Italian food and the limbo. Yes, you read that correctly – Gracie can limbo like nobody’s business, making her the life of every party. As the ultimate social butterfly, Gracie brings a contagious enthusiasm to our team, spreading smiles and good vibes faster than a viral cat video. Stop by BZ HQ to meet Gracie today!

What people say about us!

Client Testimonials

“We love BlueZone! The BlueZone dashboard has a ton of tools that help you manage your business’s online reputation. You can easily manage all your customers, create high-level reports or look at specific data and statistics based on your needs. I most commonly use the social media section to schedule posts for multiple platforms weeks in advance. I also use their reputation management program to ask clients for reviews and to respond quickly to any reviews I get. The team over at BlueZone is also highly responsive and helpful and has been there whenever I needed something or had a question. Overall I would highly recommend
looking into this service!”

“Blue Zone Marketing makes it so easy to get noticed on all of the major social media outlets. The dashboard that Blue Zone provides gives you information on a daily basis that you would not get about your marketing progress elsewhere using other marketing tools. Their executive report is a great value to our business, and the ease of using the dashboard to help gauge how our business is performing via reviews is invaluable. This is a marketing company that every business should take a look at and use.”

“Melissa works tirelessly to meet and exceed the demands of her clients. She is always proactive and full of ideas when it comes to promoting your ideas/business. It is such a pleasure to work with her and her team. Her advice has definitely helped me in obtaining new leads and bettering my online presence.
Thank you Melissa, I look forward to a long lasting partnership.”

“Melissa at Blue Zone Marketing and her team are amazing!! The dashboard platform is incredible. They have helped my medical practice grow in a very short time. Their knowledge, expertise and professionalism are worth every penny. No need to look elsewhere for a marketing company. Congratulations Melissa for being the best in your field!”

“Blue Zone Marketing is a great company to work with. Our overall review score was at a 4.4 and has increased to a 4.85 in just 5 months of working with Blue Zone. We use their survey program to solicit reviews from our customers, and their dashboard makes monitoring our online reputation simple and easy. Blue Zone has even coached our staff on the importance of online reviews which, along with the surveys and dashboard, has given us a 300% increase in the number of online reviews. If you are a business owner looking to outsource your marketing, Blue Zone is a company that actually works. Their team is awesome and trustworthy. 5 stars!.”

“Melissa and Blue Zone have been amazing. As a new Realtor, they have listened to my needs and wants and designed the perfect social media platform to grow my business. I would definitely recommend Melissa.”

“Since hiring Blue Zone to take care of my marketing, I have doubled my business in just 6 months. They took over social media posts and engagement, which has been a huge burden off of my plate. I’ve actually received compliments on the social media posts and have gained some new customers that way. Blue Zone responds to my online reviews too. The best tool is the dashboard that I can easily log into and monitor reviews, posts, and my google ads. I love the survey program because it’s gotten me a huge increase in new reviews. The convenience and the overall help I’ve had from Blue Zone has enabled me to focus on running the business, which is what I do best. I highly recommend Blue Zone as a marketing partner for any small business owner.”

“Blue Zone created a new website for us after 5 years of having a mediocre one. Business was steady, but after the new site went live, our business increased by 50%. This was just because we were able to be “found” on the web. They know what it takes to market a small business. Great communication from their team too. From someone who knows nothing about websites, it was a relief to know that my business’ online look was in trusted hands”

“I hired Blue Zone to help me create a presence online for my new home inspection business. My logo is exactly what I wanted! My website is in production and I already like where it’s heading! The team is easy to work with and is responsive to my needs. I highly recommend them”

“Dom and Melissa are some of the most knowledgeable and helpful people that I have met, especially within the marketing space. The BlueZone dashboard has completely changed the way I manage my own AND my clients’ social media and online reputation. I couldn’t imagine having to go back to the old way.”

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